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Tim Martin

Title: CEO
Brief Description: Enterprise software, cloud, data center, IaaS/SaaS.
Tim has spent the last decade acquiring significant expertise relating to cloud, enterprise software development, and financial markets. Prior to founding InfraSight, he had exposure to the public sector via a joint-venture he formed with representatives of the Lower Brule Corporation, a Section 17 Federal Corporation (wholly-owned by the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe). Tim was formerly the COO for UCX (Universal Compute Xchange), a startup company that, at the time, had partnered with CME Group to introduce a commodity exchange for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Before getting into tech, Tim pursued a career as a professional golfer after starting out behind the pro shop counter. Tim currently serves as the President and on the Finance Committee of Huntersville Presbyterian Church in North Carolina.

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