Bob Lipstein

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Bob Lipstein

Title: Board Member
Brief Description: CPA, retired KPMG partner with public/private board experience.
Bob is a retired Sr. Partner at KPMG with extensive leadership experience in corporate strategy, enterprise risk, audit, and IT. For several years he was the KPMG Global IT Partner in Charge, and he also was the Global Partner in Charge of Sarbanes Oxley 404 Services for many years. He led the firm's largest advisory business unit, which served federal government clients, financial institutions, and commercial enterprises. He has extensive experience advising clients on how to align IT solutions with business strategy. He also has extensive experience as a member of the Board of Directors of Seacoast Banking Corp. (NASD: SBCF), Ocwen Financial (NYSE: OCN), and Einstein Healthcare Network, as well as serving on the Advisory Board of CrossCountry Consulting. Bob earned a B.S. in accounting from the Univ. of Delaware and is a licensed CPA.

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